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Fall 2014 season's event podcasts are here!

The podcast of Canada's Hundred Days of 1918' with Dr. Jack Granatstein is available here.
The podcast of Speaker's Luncheon November 5: 'The Battle for the Hochwald Gap, February 1945' with Mark Zuehlke is available here
The podcast of Military History Night December 3: 'Decade of Darkness; the Collapse of the Roman Army of the West' with Eric Morse is available here
The podcast of September 17’s Security Studies Roundtable with Dr Adam Chapnick on ‘Does Canada Really Need a Defence Policy?” is now available here.
The podcast of September 10’s Military History Night with Patrick Murphy on ‘Chocolate Soldiers, Australian Militiamen clash with Japanese Invaders in New Guinea’ is now available here.

New Photo Albums for January 2015

The photo album for a very successful 2015 Robbie Burns Dinner is available here.
The album from Commander of the Army LGen Marquis Hainse's January 15 presentation to RCMI is here.
And the photos from the New Year's Levee are here.

The Guns are Home!

The Guns are Home!

Thursday Nov 6 saw the return of RCMI's treasured nine-pounders to grace our doorstep. No more does anyone need our street address, once more it's just 'the place with the cannons'! See the photo album of the happy return here.

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP, The RCMI Journal of Opinion

SITREP is the journal of analysis and opinion of the RCMI. It appears six times a year and is a digest of current Canadian and international thinking on strategic and international affairs. We are happy to receive and review all submissions.

Click here to download the current issue of SITREP (November-December 2014) in PDF format.

Kevin Klein examines the return of foreign fighters and why Canada should be concerned. Vincent Curtis discusses the vexing issues of how to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. John Thompson posits the possibility of the disintegration of the ‘Great Republic’ – the U.S. and the potential impact on our Canada. Weixin Lu comments on China's security environment and how Beijing has dealt with territorial disputes and regional issues since the current leadership came to power two years ago. Douglas Mason provides an excellent book review of “Kruger kommandos and kak: debunking the myths of the Boer War” by Chris Ash.

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The RCMI's New Hours of Operations

The new premises at 426 University Ave. are now open for Members' use. Here is a complete schedule of services and hours of operation in PDF format for consultation and downloading. Please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge at 416 597 0286 or Susan Cook at ext 111 for further information.

RCMI House Rules: Updated for the 21st Century

In keeping with modern social and business traditions, the RCMI Board of Directors has produced a new set of House Rules for Members and their guests. It is available here for viewing and download in PDF format.

Security Studies Committee and Military History Night webcasts - the full Spring 2014 season on YouTube

An amazing evening with Charles Scot-Brown: 'Everywhere you looked, there were ships', the D-Day landings. The first Military History Night at the New RCMI, now available here. The photo album from Charles's stupendous kick-off MHN event June 11 is available here

The podcast of the May 11 Military History Night with Doug Wrigglesworth on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in South Africa is now available for viewing on YouTube here.

The podcast of the April 24 Edward Lucas address to RCMI and NATO Council of Canada on April 24 is now available here.

SSC Presentation 'The Standard Excuse for anything: This is Afghanistan' with Prof Stuart Hendin, QC is now available here

Military History Night, March 5 'The Raid on St. Nazaire, May 1942 and the roles of four Canadians in it' available here

Military History Night: Eric Morse's January 22 presentation "Prefect, take a detachment and clear that out: a Roman Surge into Germany in 235 AD" can be viewed here.

Worldwide Reciprocal Affiliations - NEW 2015 COMPLETE LIST

Members of the Institute can visit and use accommodation (where available) at over 100 reciprocal clubs, institutes and organizations worldwide. Our Membership Secretary can assist in making contact with the desired organizations and will prepare any introduction letters required. For a list of our current Canadian and international reciprocals, click here.

Jackman Collection slideshow

Jackman Collection slideshow

View the Hal Jackman Collection of Napoleonic Lead Soldiers in never-before-seen detail, with musical accompaniment by Herr L. van Beethoven!  

Click here to view the slideshow

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Tour Our Facilities and Services

Tour Our Facilities and Services

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