New Library Acquisitions

The Institute Library is one of the largest private military collections in North America, with over 15,000 volumes, and is constantly expanding its collection with new material. 
The library has a fine collection of military poetry and is actively seeking to expand its holdings with recently published works as well as older titles.
We welcome donations of new books from authors and publishers, many of which are featured here.
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 Spirit over Steel: A Chronology of the Second World War



“Spirit over Steel” is not just a chronology of the war, but a work of prose literature in its succinct and elegant literary style, with injections of trenchant humour. It was written by John Thompson, a defence & security expert, historian and long time member of the RCMI.  Published by the RCMI, 2022.  Almost 600 pages, PDF, Free.
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New Books: June 2, 2022

UA602.C26 P38 2009                      
Soldiers of the Queen:
The Canadian Grenadier Guards of Montreal 1859-2009 

By William J. Patterson
Canadian Grenadier Guards, 2009

KF373.C678 2020
Every Living Thing: Facing Down Terrorists,
Warlords, and Thugs in West Africa.
A Story of Justice

By David M. Crane
Carolina Academic Press, 2020

D811.L49 2022
 Gerald Frederick Levenston
At War 1939 to 1945

By Yuwa Hedrick-Wong & Michael Levenston
First Choice Books, 2022

DG271.K47 2020
The Enemies of Rome:
The Barbarian Rebellion Against
the Roman Empire 

By Stephen P. Kershaw
Pegasus Books, 2020


DK275.A4 S85 2015
Stalin's Daughter: The Extraordinary
and Tumultuous Life of
Svetlana Alliluyeva

By Romemary Sullivan
HarperCollins, 2015

D770.D48 2016
The Battle of the Atlantic:
How the Allies Won the War

By Jonathan Dimbleby
Oxford University Pres, 2016


PS8635.A29 B66 2012
Bonfire: The Chestnut Gentleman
By  Susan Raby-Dunne
MMWG, 2012

D546.5 62nd J33 2019
The Empire on the Western Front:
The British 62nd and Canadian 4th 
Divisions in Battle

By Geoffrey Jackson
UBC Press, 2019

UB405.C3 H37 2016
Growing Up in Armyville:
Canada's Military Families During
the Afghanistan Mission

By Deborah Harrison & Patrizia Albanese
Wilfred Laurier Press, 2016

DK510.766. P87 C56 2016
Black Wind, White Snow:
The Rise of Russia's New

By Charles Clover
Yale University Press, 2016

D258.M38 2018
Europe in Flames:The
Crisis of the Thirty Years War

By John Matusiak
The History Press, 2018

DA65.H65 2011
Soldiers: Army Lives and Loyalties
from Redcoats to Dusty Warriors

By Richard Holmes
Harper Press, 2011